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18 Trinity Plaza
Yonkers, NY 10701
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Fr. Antony D, Administrator

The next edition of The Trinity Times will be the final one.  We would like this issue to include remembrances of your happy experiences at Most Holy Trinity school and/or church.  If you have any contributions to make please call Marilyn Montemuro at 914 337 5271 or e-mail her at babamonte@aol.com.  No need to worry about punctuation, grammar, etc.  It can be edited and your name can be included or not included - your choice.  The deadline is May 31st, 2015.

As most people know already, the Archdiocese of New York has determined that Most Holy Trinity Parish will close at the end of July of this year.  We are especially saddened that our beautiful Church will also be closed.  The final Sunday Mass in the Church will be July 26th, 2015, but Fr. Antony will continue to say weekday Mass as usual in the Friary until Friday, July 31st.  Until then we will continue to celebrate all of our traditional activities and celebrations including the Holy Week Liturgy and the blessing of Easter food.  As of now, no one knows what the plans are for the Church building, newly-restored pipe organ, Stations of the Cross, Statues, Rectory, windows, Baldachin, etc. We will keep everyone informed via this website and Facebook pages.

During 2015, Most Holy Trinity Parish will be celebrating its 120th anniversary.  On Trinity Sunday, May 31, 2015 we will be holding a Mass of Thanksgiving at 3 PM with a buffet supper to follow in the parish hall at 5 PM.  We are honored that the Rev. Emil Tomaskovic, S. A., has agreed to be the Principal Celebrant and homilist for this occasion.  Fr. Emil is the a Former Minister General of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement and is also a parish son.  We are in the process of finalizing the details and will have some information available mid-February.  Information will be posted both on this website and Facebook pages.  We WILL have a limit on the number of people for the dinner so please keep an eye out for details and make your plans as soon as possible.

Take a look at the picture of the magnificent interior of Most Holy Trinity Church at the top of the page.  The traditional church design by default makes it a very large space to heat.  We all know how gas and oil prices have risen over the past years.  BY FAR the biggest expense for the parish is supplying heat during services in the cold weather.  If you are a parishioner please try to be generous with your heating envelope donations.  If you're a friend of MHT and can afford to make a donation to the heating fund it would be greatly appreciated.  If you donate by check please be sure to write 'heating fund' in the memo line of the check.

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Easter Sunday 1957

Procession before Mass for Mary - around 1959

Grade School Graduation - 1958

(The above videos courtesy of Eric Hvisc)

Beginning Sunday, January 15th, 2012. Mass will be at 9:30 AM ONLY.  The Saturday Vigil Mass remains at 5:00 PM.

About Most Holy Trinity

For over 100 years, Most Holy Trinity R.C.  Church has been committed to serving Christ in our community. Like many churches, our parishioners are the lifeline to parish activities. We come together for many occasions, and our prayers, songs and helping hands are the heart of our Church.

We are also fortunate to have the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal as our neighbors. In addition to conducting our Mission, they participate in many of our parish works. We collect non-perishable foods for their personal use and for the use of the patrons of the Casa Juan Diego and their Food Pantry.

Please join us for Sunday celebration and see how you can be a part of our “family.”

To learn more about becoming a parishoner, learn more about the organizations listed or to help your community please e-mail us at mail@mostholytrinityyonkers.com, call (914) 963-0720 or join us at Mass.